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IIBN celebrates women and inspiring ideas at US salon for Inspirefest.  “LEAP is all about promoting diversity and inclusion in leadership. Really putting more women into leadership positions, explained Maura Kelly, a Principal at Purple Mountain Media, an IIBN Board Member, and a senior advisor with LEAP.

“Stories of 1916” requesting stories on IrishCentral (media partner)

New York, New Belfast Business Conference 2015. Maura was a panel moderator and speaker. Topic: “Building a Sustainable Film and Television industry in Belfast.”

IIBN Opportunity Global Conference –

Maura Kelly, developer of this content for the conference said “Side by side with the traditional tourism attractions and events mentioned above, Ireland is developing a world class reputation for business conferences and events.The annual Dublin Web Summit, the recent One Young World Summit as well as the European Business Angel Network have put Dublin and Ireland on the map in terms of conference locations.”

Full IIBN Conference press coverage

Conference content director and panel chair for “The Future of Digital Entertainment” at the IIBN Opportunity Conference in NYC

WOMEN in Film and Television and International Co-Productions WOMEN in Film and Television and International Co-Productions

29IRELAND1-articleLarge  Irish Echo– ANIMATION NATION


Maura Kelly profile –

While studying for her graduate degree, Maura started work in an assistant job at a UN agency (United Nations Development Program) that would have a profound impact on her career. At UNDP, she was exposed to the use of media (TV, VIDEO, internet radio, print) to impact social change – to educate – and to activate communities. It was called MEDIA THAT MATTERS and that is how she helps clients use media today.

SSPD project coverage

“We’re tired of the negative stereotypes of public drunkenness taking away from the holiday,” said Maura Kelly, a television executive who helped to launch the event.

SSPD coverage

Read more: 

“It was excellent, we had to turn people away” organizer Maura Kelly told the Irish Voice. “We delivered more than we promised.  Irish Echo 2011 Small Business 50 Honoree (Next Generation DOCS – Social Media and Cross Platform Storytelling) Transmedia Storytelling and Community Engagement – Maura Kelly column (select articles for Reporters Uncensored) IN the MIX launched on PBS

NEW NORMAL Maura Kelly: Media Master (World of Hibernia — Super Irish 50 Award)

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